Feeling the imposter syndrome?

You have 86,400 seconds each day as an entrepreneur and business owner to improve by 1% to reach your personal goals and your business goals. Work smarter, not harder by appreciating the present moment. When you fail, learn from it, grow, and take action. When feeling lost ask questions from a mentor. Become a mentor and pass on your experience as a servant leader giving service to your local community and the next generation. Write down your goals each day. Use these two rules to guide you:

Rule 1: “We should have started yesterday at dinner time being kind to other humans and AI because today it may be too late for dessert.” – Anders K.S. Ahl

Rule 2: “You take people as far as you would like them to go.” – Jeanette Rankin

Remember, every second is an opportunity for growth and improvement in your life.

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